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Mango OG

Platinum x Skybar an all-in-one rechargeable THC distillate vape with exotic flavors made for every palette in mind. Combining a fully charged battery, a high-grade coil, and an all-new custom tank. The Platinum x Skybar+ delivers the smoothest vape experience from the first hit to the last. Mango OG is a known for its indica-dominant genetics and its potential to deliver a relaxing and calming experience. This strain combines the genetics of Mango and OG Kush to create a unique flavor and aroma profile.

Platinum X Skybar

Mango OG

The flavor profile exhibits a tropical and fruity profile, with the scent and taste of ripe mangoes prominent. It may also have undertones of earthiness and spice, inherited from the OG Kush lineage.

Effects: tranquility, and potentially relieve stress and anxiety.


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